#111 – MUSICIAN – Charles Milling – 20170307

Welcome to episode #111 of the Curve the Cube podcast, where I will continue to take you with me on my own journey of curving the cube and also catch up with musician Charles Milling–solo artist and Live Hymnal band leader, previously featured on episode #13. He is a visionary, marrying new sounds with the traditional church, and he and I talk a bunch about Live Hymnal’s latest album, Procession while also diving into some totally curvist-aimed topics, like:
1) Dealing with industry changes you never saw coming,
2) The challenge of getting people to say, “I must have that!” about YOUR unique thing, and
3) As a creative, knowing when it’s ok to end the pursuit of project perfection.

Then I take those topics to a new segment I’m calling The Learning Curve, where I share specific actionable items, tips, tricks, and pieces of advice for you to put into play as you curve your own cube.

So, buckle up for a pretty packed episode, guys!! It was my first foray into the world of editing with my new software, Hindenburg, and I was super nervous about it!!

Thanks so much for listening. Remember to find your passion and do your thing with the Curve the Cube podcast!!

Mentioned in this episode:
#13 – Musician – Charles Milling – 2015-02-01

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Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!
DJ John Hitta

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