A Few Dos and Don’ts of Being Relentless

Being relentless is one gift that’s always come naturally to me; and, on the last episode of the podcast (#114 – SOLOCAST – Being Relentless in Your Pursuit – 20170501), I shared a few examples–from managing that radio show campaign to building my own company while being a single mom and kicking off a podcast. I have had to be tirelessly determined and unapologetically relentless throughout all of that craziness; and I decided to share a thing or two I’ve learned along the way. So, here goes, dreamers and curvists:

1. What TO do

Do something EVERYDAY that will move your dream forward. Stay productive. Don’t burn yourself out. But, decide everyday to do something. And, also, always keep coming up with fresh new ideas for delivering your product or service. Think very broadly and outside the box, and don’t hesitate to look at what your competition is doing to find a new idea for yourself to use.

2. What NOT to do

Don’t go back to the same well with the same pitch, offer, or approach, and expect anything other than another no. Don’t waste your time doing that. Either come up with a new way to pitch an idea to someone or move on.
And, take the time to learn from every “no” you do get. Examine what you may have done wrong or what you can change to have more chance at a successful pitch next time.

3. Don’t be afraid to hear “no”

Don’t be afraid to hear “no” either. Fear of rejection can be the most stifling of obstacles and have a complete chilling effect on your career. Don’t let it happen! Let the “no”s fly by fast, if you have to. But, don’t let them stop you!

4. To keep from giving up, create your own “why” list

And, of course, creating your own “why” list is my big tip of the day! No one can better remind you of all the reasons why you are super passionate about your thing in the most discouraging of times than you. So, start a list that includes every single reason you can think of–from the biggest to the smallest and most seemingly insignificant. You never know which will be the spark that reignites you when you need it most.
…And THAT is today’s Learning Curve!!
Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur founded the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network as a Florida-focused set of shows aimed at positively impacting my local community. FSMPN is an organic and entertaining collection of podcasts that increases local innovation, explores the arts, and encourages collaboration through insights, information, and a lot of laughs. I am also the organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp group.

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