How to Keep your Passion from Feeling Like Just a Job

1. Keep a side project going that is purely based on your passion and not obligation to anyone or anything.

Essentially, keep the hobby alive!

I built and launched the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network not necessarily as an income-generator (though, trust me, another network is on the horizon that will fill that gap, lol). Instead, I built it as a place to elevate my message that people need to work hard and follow their passions by creating a gathering place of shows that support and propel that message forward.

I also wanted it to act as a network for shows that are just trying to get off the ground on some solid footing. Part of my passion for podcasting compels me to encourage others to enter the space–which is a unique attribute of the podcasting community. We are such an unsaturated industry, that the cutthroat competitiveness you see in other industries hasn’t really been born, yet. It’s kinda nice, I must say, lol.

But, having the FSM Podcast Network to concentrate on as a unfiltered and undiluted podcasting endeavor has allowed me to retain something completely pure and honest in my passion pursuit.

2. Keep the creative juices flowing!!

Whether in the projects you are doing for yourself or for a client, keep checking your creative muscles. Spice things up and look at your work through new angles. Is there a new technology in your industry that you could explore? Is there a technology that’s industry-adjacent that could really inject a fresh breath?

In fact, speaking of creative ways to use tech, you should check out my other show, Eggheads After Hours! So, I’ll let you just listed to that podcast (I recommend starting with episode #9) for ideas on using tech to spice up your project. (Shameless plug alert.)

But, challenge yourself to reach a new level or height in your projects. Where can you go from where you already are right now? What’s the next piece of the pie you can be reaching for? Set a new goal and get creative on how to reach it. Never stop challenging yourself!

3. Consider partnering with someone on a project that will make it more interesting.

I’m working on something with my girl Tresa that I’m really excited about. (I’ll share details sometime much, much later.) BUT, working on that project with her is doing two things:

  1. Allowing me to work on something adjacent to my podcasting that, in the long-run, will make elements of my podcasting so much easier.
  2. I can take on a project that I know is another big commitment without shouldering all the responsibility. So, I’m much more likely to dive in, even considering how full the rest of my plate is.
  3. Working with another creative like Tresa allows us to each take our ideas and envision more through each other’s eyes. It keeps it really exciting and interesting.

So, to recap–three tips to help keep your passion from feeling like a job, no matter how much “jobby” stuff you have to end up doing to support your passion:

  1. Always have a purely passion-based side project going. No deadlines. No alternate agendas.

  2. Keep pushing your creative boundaries. Like Yami concentrating on making her company’s videos more personal, switch things up and flex your creative muscles.

  3. And, three,  partner on a project with another creative.

And, that’s today’s Learning Curve.

Listen to my full episode with Yami Avendano from!

Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur founded the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network as a Florida-focused set of shows aimed at positively impacting my local community. FSMPN is an organic and entertaining collection of podcasts that increases local innovation, explores the arts, and encourages collaboration through insights, information, and a lot of laughs. I am also the organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp group.

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