In talking to Nikyta, it reminded me of how many people I know in daily life and talk to on this podcast who have ended up doing something that they’ve been drawn to since early in their childhood. What does that tell us about our inner truth?

Nikyta told us how her earliest memories of seeing the world through a camera lens came as a toddler.

And kudos to her granduncle for encouraging her with a camera and to her mother for boosting her confidence by keeping those early pictures of hers. Even if they are the kind of photos that only a mother can love, they showed Kyta that she was to be encouraged at it.

And, that message was clearly doubly-impactful. I know I’m getting a little bit of arm-chair psychologist over here, but did you notice how Nikyta finds such joy in bringing that inner truth out of people? Could that be because her inner truth was so valued that she sees that value in others? I’m just saying…

So, how are YOU tapping into your inner toddler–your inner truth?

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say a time or two, my true passion came when I discovered podcasting. But, podcasting didn’t exist when I was a toddler. So, what other clues can I find? Well, I’ve always dreamt of being in front of a microphone–as a singer, voice actor, radio host, public speaker, stage actress… It would be years before I developed the courage to actually DO it; but, I always wanted to be on a mic. Even when I worked in retail, I was always the girl managers wanted to do the store announcements over the PA system. And, in church, I’m one of the prayer leaders, admittedly in part because I’m so comfortable on a microphone.

So, it may have taken quite a while through the twists and turns of life to figure out the exact “what,” but when I discovered podcasting, it was like the heavens opened up and it all suddenly made so much sense.

For you, I suggest thinking back to some of your earliest childhood memories. What was it that you continually tapped into? Out of curiosity, is it related at all to your current passion? If not, is there a creative way that it CAN be?

Don’t ignore that inner toddler. Trust me, my son was a toddler just a couple of years ago, and I can assure you–they are terribly persistent!

And, that’s today’s Learning Curve.

Listen to my full episode with photographer Nikyta Haynes:

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