When is it OK to Set Aside Your Pursuit of Project Perfection?

As a creative, how do you know when it’s ok to set aside your pursuit of perfection and push a project out? Well, that is a GREAT question. Oh…my…goodness… And, it’s one with absolutely NO right answer!!! Yay…. lol. So, I would suggest taking a deep look at yourself and being honest about how anal you are and how perfect you pressure yourself to be.

Then, balance that with the productivity you REALISTICALLY need in order to keep moving forward. Remember, this podcast is all about putting action behind your passion. So, if you are stuck on one project–trying to get the perfect thesis for your article, trying to edit out every “um” from a podcast, or trying to get the perfect fades on every sing last Tom-Tom, you will NEVER finish. (Well, at least, you’ll probably never stay as productive as you need to actually grow a career.)

So, what to do? Well, first of all, commit to letting go of the guilt NOW. It’s a lot better to produce a song that’s 95% exactly as you want and start working on another and move forward than it is to take twice as much time working out that last 5% of your perceived perfection. And, if it is the guilt of not being perfect that is holding you back, you need to let that go RIGHT NOW. Repeat after me: NO ONE WILL KNOW.

Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur founded the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network as a Florida-focused set of shows aimed at positively impacting my local community. FSMPN is an organic and entertaining collection of podcasts that increases local innovation, explores the arts, and encourages collaboration through insights, information, and a lot of laughs. I am also the organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp group.

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