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The Curve the Cube Podcast is where dreamers become doers!! Through this passion project of mine, your host “Jemmy” Legagneur (moi!) will inspire you to pursue your dreams by taking you on an intimate tour of my own journey crafting a dream career. I provide powerful takeaways and action items for you to put into play in changing your own life. Along the way, I talk to other “curvists” who are doing the same, to demystify a process that you, too, can follow. From actors to artists, musicians to business owners, underwater photographers to crafty creators, and everything in-between, Curve the Cube will inspire YOU to pursue your own dreams and passions.

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3 Ways to Find Your Tribe

Alright, curvists, let's dive right into three ways to find YOUR tribe: 1. Start Online: First, follow and engage people ...
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Die Empty

I want to talk to you for a moment about dying empty. When talking to Michael Hall on episode #115, ...
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A Few Dos and Don’ts of Being Relentless

Being relentless is one gift that's always come naturally to me; and, on the last episode of the podcast (#114 ...
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#1 – RADIO – Kevin Rolston of the KVJ Show – 2014-10-15

This is the PREMIER episode of Curve the Cube, and in this episode, we feature Kevin Rolston of the KVJ Show—a big dog of morning radio here in south Florida!  I feel privileged to call Kevin both a friend and ...
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#10 – ACTOR – Amir Arison – 2014-12-26

This tenth episode of the Curve the Cube podcast features Amir Arison, also known as "Aram" on NBC’s The Blacklist!!! I had the privilege of going to high school with Amir and getting to see his theatrical potential ignite from an early ...
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#24 – REALITY TV – Zach Rance of #BB16 – 2015-04-21

Zach Rance is a great example of a person living out loud, in the moment, and 100% as himself.  From deciding to enter the world of “reality” television in the Big Brother house to now putting much of his life ...
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#82 – Musician – Myles “Trufe? Robinson – 2016-06-28

Raised amongst generations of musicians, Myles “The Trufe” Robinson was destined to find the rhythm of his own musical beat. He uses his talent to dig into often difficult issues with a message that is always raw and real. Speaking ...
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#90 – ACTOR – Claire Bronson – 2016-08-12

Claire Bronson is an actress who keeps popping up in my favorite shows, such as Resurrection (RIP), The Walking Dead, and Bloodline (which is filmed right in our own backyard of the Florida Keys), and I was so excited to ...
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#92 – Pod Squad – Travel Stories – 2016-08-16

Jay, Scotty, and I share the good, the bad, the ugly, the weird, and everything in between as we unpack our travel baggage!! Follow Scotty Fusion on: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube Follow Jay Cintron on: Twitter | Twitter | ...
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#93 – Podcast Host and Producer Jaime Legagneur Herself!! – It’s My Birthday – 2016-08-27

Thank you to Scotty Fusion and Jessica “Empress” Prestige for their huge assist on this episode!! They hosted and interviewed ME—asking both their own questions and yours, and I had a blast answering them. You’ll remember Scotty as one of ...
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#94 – SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH AND YOGA TEACHER – Jennifer Martin – 2016-09-10

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend a slice of my birthday podcasting with than the inspiring spiritual life coach and yoga instructor, Jennifer Martin. We met up following her yoga class at the Hilton West Palm ...
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#95 – COMMUNITY INNOVATOR – Joseph R. Russo – 2016-09-17

I sat down at Subculture Coffee with Joe Russo, Executive Director of Palm Beach Tech, to talk all about innovation and collaboration in our local area. The mission of Palm Beach Tech is to “ galvanize and grow the technology ...
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#110 – EVENT – Podfest 2017 – 20170223-20170225

Curvists! As I aim to inspire you to pursue your own dreams, I thank you for coming with me on this episode through a milestone in my own journey: my first podcasting convention, Podfest 2017!! Podfest was three equally exhilarating ...
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Some Tips and Tricks to Help YOU Go from Being a Dreamer to Being a Doer!

3 Tips from My Chat with Kate Volman

Three quick action items from my conversation with Kate Volman: 1. Write down the 5 questions you get asked the ...
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Trusting Your Inner Toddler

In talking to Nikyta, it reminded me of how many people I know in daily life and talk to on ...
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How to Keep your Passion from Feeling Like Just a Job

1. Keep a side project going that is purely based on your passion and not obligation to anyone or anything ...
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4 Ways to Navigate and Create Your Influencer Opportunities

Finding Your Opportunities There are a TON of ways to create opportunities to posture yourself as an expert in your ...
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3 Solid Benefits of Becoming an Influencer

Posturing Becoming an influencer in your industry is a GREAT way to become known as an expert. Once you are ...
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3 Considerations when Breaking Free

So, speaking of your way out, let's talk more about THAT moment. 1. Monetizing Your NOW Again, think about what ...
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