The CTC Mission:

The Curve the Cube Podcast is where dreamers become doers!! Through this passion project of mine, your host “Jemmy” Legagneur (moi!) will inspire you to pursue your dreams by taking you on an intimate tour of my own journey crafting a dream career. I provide powerful takeaways and action items for you to put into play in changing your own life. Along the way, I talk to other “curvists” who are doing the same, to demystify a process that you, too, can follow. From actors to artists, musicians to business owners, underwater photographers to crafty creators, and everything in-between, Curve the Cube will inspire YOU to pursue your own dreams and passions.

Find your passion. Do your thing…with the Curve the Cube Podcast!!


Jaime’s Mission:

Helping people live their true passion is Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur’s mission, and she has found no more powerful tool than podcasting. Soon after starting her marketing company, Flint Stone Media, in 2014, she launched her Curve the Cube podcast with the idea to inspire people to find their passion and do their thing (outside the cubicle!). By interviewing movers and shakers who have already successfully lived their dream or are unapologetically deep in the trenches, she offers real actionable nuggets to inspire others to go from being dreamers to being doers!


Along the journey of producing her flagship show, podcasting has become her own passion, and Jaime works every day toward the goal of making it a full-time focus. To that end, she co-hosts on two other shows, is the organizer of the Palm Beach Podcasters MeetUp group, and has launched her own network, the Flint Stone Media Podcast Network.

Curvist (def):

In Cubist artwork, objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form. A CURVIST takes the ordinary life and rearranges it to fit in more of his/her true passions. They may be the odd one in the caffeteria, at the water cooler, or at the dinner table. But, they go from standing alone to standing out!

Inspiring people out of their cubicle rut since 2014!

Hey fellow and soon-to-be Curvists!  I’m Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur–founder, host, and producer of Curve the Cube.  Since starting this podcast project, I have been privileged to have conversations with some of the most amazing people walking the walk of their passion, and it’s been AWESOME!!!

I have always been a daydreamer full of inspiration; but, I never really knew what to do with it. Writing? Dancing? Acting? Voiceover work? Sounds super fun, but also super unrealistic to really pursue…right?  But, then I would realize that SOMEONE is making it as a professional writer.  Someone is making it as a professional dancer. Someone is making it as an actor, hockey player, singer, bakery-owner, radio host… the list goes on and on.  And, if somebody else is doing it, then why not me?  Of course, the question remained: HOW are they doing it?  I also realized that I couldn’t possibly be the only person wondering these things–and stuck in a cubicle while doing it.

So, one day, it hit me: start talking to people who ARE doing what they love.  Better yet, start a podcast and share these messages with the world!  So, I’ve done just that and called it “Curve the Cube.”  Focusing on my own beautiful backyard of Florida, I hope to not only inspire others, but to also create a bigger spotlight on the local talents we have here. There are definitely some cool scenes springing up around us; so, whether they are from here, have a project located here, or even just dipped a toe in our waters, our guests mainly have some Florida roots.

Whether it inspires you to pursue a passion full or part time, you HAVE to feed your soul!  Be true to your dreams and passions, and you will live the life you were born to live.  You only have one round on earth.  Make the most of it! Curve the cube!!!


~Jaime (“Jemmy”)

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