#90 – ACTOR – Claire Bronson – 2016-08-12

Claire Bronson is an actress who keeps popping up in my favorite shows, such as Resurrection (RIP), The Walking Dead, and Bloodline (which is filmed right in our own backyard of the Florida Keys), and I was so excited to talk to her for this episode!! A long-time performer,  Claire grew up with a strong inner pull toward acting, and she has followed it all the way to success. We talk about pursuing acting and landing roles, being on these amazing sets and working with such wonderful casts, and what she sees for her future.

As the cofounder of her own acting studio, Drama Inc. in Atlanta, GA, Claire is equally focused on guiding others in what can be a very tricky and difficult field. In this conversation, she does not hold back in giving tips for others wanting to pursue their dreams—both specifically in acting and in whatever else one is passionate about. You’ll love her!!

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