#72 – SPACE BRAINIAC – Barry Bohnsack – 2016-04-09

Barry Bohnsack, Finance and Program Planning expert for the Orion ALTO Program, joined me by phone for this truly special podcast—one that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time!

Barry works for Lockheed Martin, which is contracted to help build the Orion spacecraft, NASA’s deep space craft. Orion is on the brink of making history, heading next to the dark side of the moon to test human capacity to survive these types of missions. Once successful, Orion will be headed on a manned mission to MARS! How cool is that?!?!

Barry started out being into all things space and science at a very young age, and realized there was a path for him to parlay his business acumen into a career at the Kennedy Space Center. As an ambassador to the First Robotics Competition, Barry and I first met a few weeks ago, where stopped by to support my previous CTC Kids guests, the Poinciana Elementary School’s Taz Bots from episode 70. And, I was so excited when he agreed to be on.

On this podcast, Barry and I talk about the history of NASA, how he managed to live his dream of working there and his role as a project planner, the commonality of both being young astronautics and Lego lovers, and what the real benefits are to society garnered from space exploration. (Spoiler alert: LOADS of technological advances!!)

He’s a lovely guy and not only did he shed some light on the budgetary considerations of the space program that come into play, but he also gave me fresh perspective on one of my favorite categories of movies: sci-fi.

I’ve wanted someone involved with NASA on my podcast since day ONE, and this was every bit of a treat that I could have imagined it to be!!

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Quick note:
We MAY have accidentally mixed up Scott and Mark Kelly’s names (but, what do you want from us; they are TWINS!); it was SCOTT that just came back from space.

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