#105 – SOLOCAST – The Story of How I Got Here – 20161128

Guys!! I was invited to present recently at a Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at Florida Atlantic University‘s Career Day, and it was wonderful. One of my career goals is public speaking, and this was my first dive into it. I was such impressive company–other presenters including an environmentalist, event planner, comic book illustrator, creator of an online social community for the disabled, and a police officer. So, THANK YOU to Mr. Darius Murray, CARD’s Clinical Mentoring Associate, for having me. It was such an epic honor!!

But, I only got to talk for about 10 minutes (and, you guys know I can TALK!). Since I really had to rush through my story and its lessons, I decided to flesh out a whole solocast for you. On this episode, I share how and why I changed my career, the journey I took to get to where I am (so far), and some advice on how to do the same yourself. (Hint: It involves a LOT of hard work!)

I have included my actual Career Day Powerpoint presentation as a bonus download, in case you want to check that out as well. And, there are so many opportunities to positively and powerfully /impact youth with autism. Reach out to Darius by phone at 561-213-6936 or by email at dmurra23@fau.edu. Or, head to Autism.FAU.edu.

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