3 Tips from My Chat with Kate Volman

Three quick action items from my conversation with Kate Volman:

1. Write down the 5 questions you get asked the most about what you do. Those will be your first 5 videos!!

2. Look back through your old content with a critical, but forgiving eye. If there is stuff back there that will hurt your more than help you if people find it, because it can give such a bad impression of your capabilities NOW, then get rid of it. Be forgiving and hold onto the stuff that others won’t think is as bad as you do. (Remember, you are probably your own worst critic.) But, those items that are just that bad, take them to the chopping block.

3. Be brave and proactive in making your opportunities happen. So, today, do a search for upcoming events in your area that might allow you the chance to rub shoulders with groups you want to be involved in. Or better yet, look for where any of your “big fish” targets you want to reel in are going to be. If it’s right in your backyard, even better. But, if you can be strategic and smart in your approach, it could also be worth the quick trip to make it happen. Be bold (not annoying or stalker-y), but bold. Propose projects that you want to do for a brand. Have samples prepped and ready. Most importantly, get off your butt and make a move! So, today, start with searching for the what, where, and when for the who, you are targeting.

And, that’s today’s Learning Curve!!

Listen to my full episode with vlogger Kate Volman:

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