#42 – POD SQUAD – I Love the 80s – 2015-09-10

Scotty Fusion, Poppa J, and I talk 80s—from E.T. to Z. Cavaricci!!!

Head down memory lane with the Curve the Cube Pod Squad!  In this inaugural Pod Squad episode, Scotty Fusion and Jay “Poppa J” Cintron join me in reminiscing about the lost decade of excess: music, movies, technology, toys, television, clothes, celebrities, phrases, major events… you name it, we cover it!  It gets super fun and silly, and I can’t wait to get to do more of these episodes; just get ready to laugh and dip into some old memories of your own!!

Catch their individual episodes:

Scotty Fusion (#20): http://www.curvethecube.com/entertainers.html

Jay “Poppa J” Cintron (#30): http://www.curvethecube.com/actors.html

If you have any topic ideas for the Pod Squad, shoot me an email!

This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by Big Brain 2: No Hard Feelings tattoo shop!  Led by legendary tattoo artist, Chris Blinston, the team of multi-award-winning artists at this highly professional studio are creative, talented, accomplished, and focused on excellent customer service.  Head in and experience a different level of tattoo shop; mention Curve the Cube, and get 10% off!!  Chris stars in this season of Ink Master!  Catch season 6 on Tuesdays at 10pm!!  Watch him battle it out every week for #TeamFlorida!!! #TeamBlinston


Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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